First Sponsor – Yeti Coolers!

Posted November 14th, 2012 by Wade

Yeti Coolers, probably the finest coolers/ice chests in the world has come on board as a sponsor of kidsandcamo!

now, its no secret I’ve been a user and a fan of Yeti Coolers for a long time.  when you get tired of breaking cheaper coolers, replacing parts, and having your ice melt like it was on fire, its not hard to make a switch.  sure, they’re more expensive than the coolers you grew up with, but believe me when I say this aint your daddy’s cooler!

I remember quite clearly the moment when I gave up on regular coolers.  I went to pull an ice chest out of the back of my truck.  unknown to me, it was kinda lodged in there with the rest of your crap an outdoorsman tends to carry around.  pulled the handle smooth off.  thanks for that….now I have to carry one side of the cooler like a monkey.  this is something I know will never happen with my Yetis.  and trust me, that situation has come up several times again with the Yeti being no worse for wear.  hey, I even use the handles to tie down with ratchet straps.  try doing that with your $59.99 special!  Yetis are almost indestructible.  they’re certified bear proof.  I dunno about bears, but that means they’ll survive a day on the lake after way too many frosty beverages.  ask me how I know…

something to remember though, and I’ve admittedly fallen into this trap; pre-cool.  dont grab a Yeti out of your garage in the middle of a Texas summer and be surprised when it melts ice like a machine.  all that great insulation also holds heat.  duh….forgot about that tidbit.  throw a bag or two of ice in your Yeti the day prior and let it cool down.  your ice and your contents will stay cooler much longer that way.

the only problem with Yeti Coolers is having enough of them.  everyone wants to borrow one and suddenly you’re always the one nominated to carry the cold stuff to the ranch, lease, fish camp, tailgate, etc.

so Yeti Coolers, thanks for being a sponsor of kidsandcamo!!

Yeti Coolers – wildly stronger! keep ice longer!


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