S tells about her first buck!

Posted November 30th, 2011 by Wade

Hey, it’s S again and I wanted to write about some news. So, Friday, Nov.25 we headed to the the blind. We sit there seeing nothing. Then out of the brush, comes a doe and a yearling. Apparently the yearling is very energetic. So it starts jumping around in circles like a maniac. Then, it falls down which we thought was pretty funny. Then a giant 10 point comes out to join them. “Didn’t we see that 10 point yesterday?” I said. Dad asked me if it was a good deer an of course I say yes so he says”do you wanna take your shot go ahead, put your cross hairs in the middle, gently squeeze the trigger.” I did all of those things then I pulled the trigger and WHAM the 10 point falls down, tries to get up but it can’t! It flops around for a minute or two but it went down for good. “Oh my gosh I got my first buck” I say. We got out of the blind and go down to look at that buck. It looked like a clean shot. Before we picked the deer up we noticed it’s hooves. They were so long that they crossed, by that we could tell it was a pretty old deer. It took us a while to get it in the bed of the truck because it was a very heavy deer. Then we headed to the barn to gut, clean and take pictures of the deer. And that is how I spent my thanksgiving and happy holidays!

‘one thing I know no matter were I go I keep my heart and soul in the boondocks’
Boondocks- Little Big Town

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