K’s first buck

Posted November 14th, 2011 by Wade

this weekend, most of the family headed to the ranch in support of two of the kids trying for their first bucks after S and her girlscout troop marched in the veterans day parade.  S of course, was wildly excited and cousin K  was pumped as well.  K’s daddy Col B is presently serving our country in Iraq, so he couldnt join us.  which crushed me, knowing that his son may get his first buck and he wouldnt be here to guide, enjoy, etc.  cousin A took off from school long enough to guide K for hunts friday evening and saturday morning.  as it turned out, that’s all that was needed.

we started friday afternoon off with S and K knocking a softball around at about 40 yards with one of my ruger 10/22′s.  this one is very light (due to a tactical solutions barrel and hogue stock) and accurate due to all the work I’ve done to it and a leupold 3×9 on top.  what really tops this rifle off as a great “kid gun” is the swr warlock suppressor.  with standard velocity ammo its ‘hollywood quiet’ which makes it the ultimate teaching aid.  no need for distracting ear protection or being unable to hear what’s being said to the shooter.  after they both finished off a mag, we switched to ringing a steel 6×9 plate at 100 yards with their respective deer rifles.  S banged it a few times with her ruger no3, then K ringed it with his 270.  both felt confident.

S and I headed to the caddy blind while A and K headed to dog blind.  I was hopeful we’d see the deer from the game cams (see prior post).  a short time later A texts me and says they see what he thinks is the 8 point I was telling them to look for, but looks like its got a broken brow tine from fighting.  I text him back a pic from kidsandcamo.com and he decides its the one.  I tell him if they get a shot, to take it.  short time later I get a picture text of K with his deer!  and on veterans day, no less!  a feeling of pride and sadness creep over me at the same time.  proud for K to get his first buck, but sad Col B wasnt in the blind with him.  S is happy for her cousin, but is concerned that was the only big buck.  we talk about how there were several bucks we were going for and there should be more to look at.  S and I head in after an unproductive hunt and head to the house.  grab a cooler for A and head to the barn with the rest of the family in tow.  much celebrating, high fives, atta boys and all that.  you couldnt wipe the smile off K’s face with a belt sander.  the only time he stopped smiling was for pictures.  (uh….ok?)  turns out A had a doe as well.  pictures, posing, more pictures, more posing.  clean the deer.  the women folk head back to the ranch house and all the kids (4) stay and “help”.  I’m fairly sure that a lot of non-hunter type people would consider the kids holding dead animals and their various parts as “child abuse”.  (those people can pretty much kiss my tail end)  others would consider it a right of passage.  we call it “helping”.  and later “dinner”.  maybe lunch, who knows.  PCR venison sausage wraps are freakin good!

Saturday morning S and I hit the blind again.  eventually settle on trying to take a small 10, but never get a good shot at it.  S is disappointed, but was actually a good learning experience.  you just dont take a shot unless its a good one.  that’s the only way to be a hunter.  be a good one.  be respectful of the game animal.  never risk a miss, or worse yet a wounded animal, with a less than ideal shot.  wind blew hard saturday evening and the moon was ridiculously bright saturday night, leaving nothing moving sunday morning.  what we did have, was 4 hunts just S and I together.  in our crazy world, you just cant buy that.  I dont care how much money you do or dont have.

so this weekend was all about K’s solid 8.  just dawned on me that we forget to measure inside spread.  doesnt matter.  its a trophy and I’ve already taken it to buddy T to have mounted.  K’s buck will take its rightful place on the wall with the other trophies.  this one however, is a first buck.  a helluva buck.  the veterans day buck.


grew up south of the mason dixon

working, spitting, hunting, and fishing

stone cold country by the grace of God

- Country Must Be Country Wide, Brantley Gilbert

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  1. STrulove

    Love the “belt sander” line! Good job Uncle/Dad Wade!

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