Mission Statement

Posted September 13th, 2011 by Wade

after some prodding by J, I enlisted the help of B to set me up a blog.  to kinda chronicle the adventures (and mis-adventures) of hunting, kids, and hunting with kids.

what you’ll find here is chatter by me mostly, to start with.  S has already stated she wants to write/publish her verison of the stories too.  which is great.  so we’ve already labeled her a “contributor” and will post up her thoughts on hunting and etc as well.  not everything I write about here will be about hunting with the kiddos.  some of the posted thoughts will be just about my hunts.  maybe some fishing too.  maybe ramblings about I dunno….monster trucks and machineguns.

what you wont find here, is perfect grammar, outstanding punctuation or capitalization, or a whole lot of political correctness.  I’ll do my best to not blatantly offend anyone, but hey….this is now mine and I’ll let if flow as I tend to think it.  which means it might get a little weird sometimes.

so welcome….glad you found me.  sit down, relax and hang on.  hopefully this will be a fun, informative, and interesting ride for us all.

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