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Posted September 14th, 2011 by Wade

I guess it would make sense if I put a little info out there about myself for those that stumble onto the blog and dont actually know me.

I’m an aquarius, like puppies, warm (not hot) cocoa, books by the fire, and long walks on the beach.

I’m kidding.  I am an aquarius, puppies are ok when they arent peeing all over everything, not so much on the cocoa, I cant stand reading without purpose (I dont read well anyways….ADD is my nemesis), and the beach is ok.  so long as we dont drink beer all damn day and someone steals our freakin tents.  still bitter about that.  anyways….

I’m presently 38.  married for 12 years to a very cool chick who puts up with my hunting, fishing, guns, 4×4′s etc pretty well.  we have 3 daughters, ages 9, 4, and 10 months (as of this writing, obviously).  the baby was born on opening weekend (deer).  no that wasnt planned.  wait.  maybe it was?  hmmm    moving on!    I’ve been hunting since I was around 8 or 9 years old.  my family had a small place in the TX hill country.  nothing fancy, nothing trophy, but a great place to go.  over the years growing up we had different leases in S TX.  out on the pecos.  just outside del rio.  and for about 10 years upriver from laredo in “the golden triangle”.  now I spend most of my hunting time at my wife’s family place smack in the middle of the hill country again.  oddly enough, its only probably 15ish miles (crow flying) from my dad’s old place.  so country I’m quite familiar with.  on this place, we’re fortunate enough to have a great house that all the family wants to go to, including the girls (both little and big).  so it makes it truly a family place.  which therefore makes it a lot easier to get my kids into the game.  if the women folk are comfy, that makes life on everyone much easier…

so in saying that I’ve been hunting for 30ish years, you’d think I know quite a bit.  eh….debateable (particularly by my hunting buddies).  I know some things and can hang in conversations, experiences, stories, whatever with the best of them, but I think hunting is something you never “master” and are always learning.  that goes for fishing, marriage, parenting, and most anything in life.  if you ever truly master something, it must not have been that difficult to begin with.

I’m just now getting my oldest really into hunting.  well, she sat in the blind with me for a year or so prior to killing her first deer (white tail doe) last year.  she also just bagged her first dove last weekend (yes!).  we’ll talk more about that later.  the middle is also making noises about wanting to hunt.  she’s still a couple years out from really doing anything, but I’m really happy to see the desire.  so passing along what I do know to my girls is going to be a great adventure.  the next page, really (not that my book has a lot of content compared to some).  the natural progression for a father to pass down to his kids.

so really, I’m kinda an opportunistic hunter.  “season” starts with dove, progresses thru bow season, then into rifle, mix in some turkey maybe, and duck if we get so motivated, sorta round things out with late season doe, and later “end” with spring turkey.  sprinkle in some trips to friend’s places for hogs or maybe an exotic hunt.

one of my happiest times is when I’m in the field.  now I’m starting to get to share that with my girls.  that’s hard to beat.


“and here we are.  the fate of the planet is in the hands of a bunch of retards I wouldnt trust with a potato gun.”
-General Kimsey

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